Sunday, September 16, 2012

Late Summer Splendor

 For me, no other quilt block says "Summer" 
like Grandmother's Garden.
 The talented hands of Darlene Aspinwall 
pieced and pressed every one of these charming blocks. 
I can't imagine the number of hours or stitches.
When I was first presented with the stack of blocks, 
I was mesmerized, speechless, and completely smitten 
with Darlene's collection of fabrics as well as her generosity. 

 The way I understand it, Darlene recently decided she wasn't 
going to do any thing more with the blocks, 
so she walked in to SpunRightRound and handed them all to Renee
Renee then shared them with Colleen and Tracy
who then passed them along to lucky me. 
We each have a piece of Darlene's magic, 
and while their original intention remains a mystery, 
I surely can't wait to see what my hands do with 
the blocks I've been gifted,
as well as what Tracy, Renee and Colleen do with theirs.

Late summer harvest pickled and put up for winter.
Click below for these 3 favorites of mine:

(I substituted green beans for asparagus.)

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