Sunday, September 15, 2013

Find Me at Cinch!

Two of my upcoming workshops 
will be at the fabulous Cinch Art Space in Cortland! 

The lovely Carol Horton modeling the poncho outside her office,
Carol Horton, LMT in Cortland, NY.
Perfect Poncho
Saturday, September 21st, 2:00-4:00PM

Join us as we hand sew one clever, simple seam 
to make a timeless, organic jersey poncho. 
It flatters any figure, can easily be dressed up or down, 
and will be that cover up you reach for again and again.
The garment is so quick to sew up that we'll spend time 
learning gorgeous options for further embellishment. 
Whether you prefer solid fabric (like Carol's, above) 
or heavily embellished, you'll leave the workshop 
wearing your signature style!

Fearless Fingerless Gloves
Thursday, September 26th, 6:00-8:00PM

Surprise yourself as you learn how easy it is 
to hand sew these  organic cotton jersey gloves. 
Together, we'll custom fit your pattern, 
learn one simple stitch, a few tricks,
and before you know it you'll have a stylish pair
of fingerless gloves just in time for Fall.

View samples for both workshops at Cinch.

Call Cinch today to reserve your spot around the work table:
I'm looking forward to gathering together in the
bright, welcoming and cheery workspace that 
Tammie, Kristin and Brenda have created! 
From the dye pot:
Before they depart for the long winter, 
I had to capture and preserve some rose leaves. 
Over the past few chilly days Stanley quickly
remembered how to snuggle up, aaaww!

One final note:
With Silver Trumpet now my full time occupation, 
and my weekends returning to personal & family time, 
my posts will soon change to a week day - a happy change! 
Please stay tuned for the new posting day, 
as well as more Silver Trumpet goodness to come!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

A Day At Quilters Corner

This week, I'm honored to be a part of 
(in Ithaca, NY)
for a visiting group of sewers and quilters.
I'll be demonstrating alongside some of the most
talented, supportive and giving women I know.
It's sure to be a really fun day.
For the occasion, I made a sweet wool felt 
needle keep for each "Friendship" kit sold at the shop.
Because I'll be talking in part about my featured project 
I added a button-and-loop closure to show an optional
 finishing touch to the original design. 
More suggestions to further personalize the tablet and 
cell phone cases are offered in the kit.
 With the "Friendship" kits packaged up,
I'm looking forward to a full day of demos,
meeting fellow fabric lovers, and if time allows, 
squeezing in a little shopping just for me!

Aside from preparing for Quilters Corner's Demo Day, 
I managed to make a Saturday morning visit
to a nearby stand of sumac trees.

 Sumac berries and steam.
This warm pink is fantastic! 
The silk noil will surely make a future quilt glow.
I spy silk-cotton thread thrown in for good measure, 
and as an experiment, wadded up silk shantung
with hopes that it'll be a good first layer 
for eco-printing, then over-dying 
and finally, hand-stitching.
It's times like this when patience really is a virtue.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Tasty Tart

 Plum Tart was the winning choice for August's 
Pie Challenge, (close cousins allowed.)
 A great use of plums, I'd make this 
rustic, sweet and delicious recipe again. 
Personally, I'm topping each serving with vanilla gelato.
Click here for the Plum Tart recipe found on Saveur,
(originally published in the 5th edition of The Joy of Cooking.) 

Switching gears:
I'm thrilled to announce that my dear friend Tracy
has posted an interview with me (fun!) on her outstanding blog:

Please visit, if not to read the wonderful 
interview she did, then certainly to get to know her 
and all she gives to her readers across the globe. 
Tracy is an informative and fun blogger 
committed to sharing the world around us
as she experiences it.
Her stunning photography, BEST recipes and 
appreciation for so much that life has to offer 
make her blog a must-read every week! 

Thank you, Tracy, for interviewing me, 
and for sharing it with your audience. :)

Progress is happening in the Studio:
New designs, kits and patterns are under way.
It's definitely a process. I'm learning patience.
 To have the time to focus on my work is
truly a gift - one I hope to make the most of. 
Stay tuned for shop and Studio updates!

Don't forget to read Tracy's interview: