Sunday, April 29, 2012

Give Me Color

After a few days of Pinning traditional 
Folk style clothing I realized I must be 
in the mood for these colors - they're all around me -
blooming in the garden, blossoming on our trees,
spinning onto bobbins...

...and even buzzing at our (very) nearby bee hives. 

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Come One, Come All!


Sunday April 29th
Noon - 4:00

Cortland Foundations Building 
75 East Court St., Cortland NY 13045

Support local artists and shop for 
Mother's Day, Father's Day, Grads
and of course, yourself! 
You'll find pottery, hand made soaps, 
fresh maple syrup,
one of a kind jewelry & so much more.

is having a sale that day only: 
15% off all yarns (stock up!)

Beads & Beyond
will have a fantastic special 
running for that day only, too!

Join the FUN and support LOCAL!

After being sick for nearly two weeks, 
I feel much better today and even took 
my camera to the edge of the lawn for this:

I will no longer wonder how a pine cone grows. 

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Drifting Off

(Apologies for the darling illustration that keeps disappearing!)

Dearest Reader, 
I am sorry to say that I'm under the weather today. 
Trust that I'm curled up with a few of my favorite 
children's books admiring charming illustrations 
and visiting some familiar old friends.

There's the call of myths & legends, so off I go 
armed with hot tea, tissues & fluffy pillows.
 - T.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Writing's On the Wall

Welcome Spring!
 Yesterday, my dear friend Tracy invited me 
to join her for a drive. She mentioned she was 
bringing her camera, so of course I brought mine. 
(If you've visited her remarkable blog you're acquainted with 
her gifts for photography and writing, to name a few.)
Well we were driving along, chatting away, enjoying 
a beautiful blue sky morning, when suddenly Tracy pulled into 
the driveway of our knitting friend, Ginny Space. 

Tracy making friends.
Stretching along a main road in our town, 
the Space family farm always entertains passers-by 
with its flock of grazing sheep, playful goats 
and as I saw today, excitable pink pigs running amuck!
Thanks to Tracy, this spontaneous stop brought 
this girl and her camera much joy and delight.  
I just had to share these little fellas with you. 

What other discoveries are being made this weekend? 
 George, as in Washington.
Can you spot Paul Revere? Benjamin Franklin?
This, my friends, is what remains of the first (very 
patriotic) wall paper my parents put on the walls of 
the same house my husband, A. and I presently call home.
Wanting to freshen up our first floor, this weekend 
Hubby & I are stripping wallpaper and painting
What we uncovered isn't old wallpaper stuck to the wall. 
No. Let's go back, shall we?
 When my two brothers were 5 and 3 years old 
(I'm innocent! I hadn't arrived on the scene yet) 
they managed one morning to quietly come down
the stairs of this brand new home without 
waking Mom or Dad. They proceeded to open 
a large tub of Crisco, dug in their little hands 
and began "painting" the walls
And then the cabinets, a few door knobs, 
the toilet seat...any and every thing at their height!

Uncovered 43 years later, it seems the Crisco 
transferred the ink from the wallpaper onto the sheetrock.
Seeing this lettering instantly brought back many 
happy childhood memories. Because I'll be painting 
over it I regret that I won't see this writing on the wall again. 
Well, at least I'll have these photos.
I sure wish I had a photo of the look on my Mom's face 
when she came downstairs that morning!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Just In Time!

Rockin' Rabbit, silkscreen on linen 
 Whether you're in need of a quick Easter "basket" 
(pouch in this case) 
or simply want to welcome Spring, 
these zipper pouches will cheerfully do the job!
They are now available in the Shop.
 Stuff'em with candy or wrapped treasures, 
they'll easily hold all kinds of goodies!
These sturdy clutches each measure 9" x 4.5" 
and have a zipper closure.
I have one of Flutter and two of Rockin' Rabbit.
I'll ship right away to ensure speedy delivery - 

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Good Work

another great soule creation

Taproot: Living Fully, Digging Deeper.  New quarterly publication - I'm sold!

As if this magazine's concept alone wasn't enough,
the photography and content look very promising,
and check out the contributors -
many of us will immediately recognize Maya Donenfeld.
Take a spin around their lovely site.
 With great anticipation, congratulations to taproot.
A huge thank you to every one who chose their favorite of three
scrappy block designs for my next Project Linus quilt.

 I'm so excited to be sewing Storm Clouds!
And, because I personally adore Gathering Storm,
 I will attempt to make it a little later this year.
(Scrap pile, here I come!)
Thinking about a young person snug as a bug
under this quilt just makes me happy.
Stay tuned for updates of Storm Clouds
under construction.

Wishing you all a fun, lighthearted week ahead!