Sunday, August 25, 2013

Excitement Is In the Air

For anyone looking to get a jump on Holiday sewing,
hits newsstands Tuesday, August 27th... 
and one of my projects is included!
I'm thrilled, and because I'm a long time fan of 
Quilting Arts Magazine,
keeping quiet all these months hasn't been easy.
My project is a set of wool felt appliqued 
tablet and cell phone cases:
"A sweet appliqued motif and hand embroidery 
make a practical gift set extra special."
- Quilting Arts GIFTS, Holiday 2013/2014
If you'd like to whip up this charming set,
 kits are now available in my shop. 
The kit includes everything you need to make a pair 
of cases exactly as shown above. 
Excellent quality materials are provided, 
and the cases can be made in a weekend.

Purchasing Quilting Arts GIFTS Magazine will 
provide you with many projects perfect for 
holiday gift giving and decorating. 
I've already spotted a handful I want to get started on!
  You can find the magazine here (paper or digital), 
or in your favorite local quilt shop, 
as well as stores like Barnes & Noble and JoAnn Fabrics.

Studio Buzz:
"Friendship" was so much fun to design and make 
that I've been working away at new designs 
and kits soon to be available in the shop. 
The kits will contain almost everything needed 
so that you can get started right away!  
Please stay tuned as they make their arrival. 

I feel a Plum Tart coming on....
come back next week for the recipe and results!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

On a Whim

 I recently uncovered some old
bundled silk and onion skin experiments, 
(the lower piece shown in the above photo)
and on a whim, I threw one into yesterday's
pot of French Marigolds.
The aroma brought me back to growing 
marigolds in Sunday school. 
(Funny, as a kid these were my least favorite flowers.) 
Fellow bathers: silk noil and embroidered silk chiffon.
Supporting players: Alum and cream of tartar.
Now out of the bath, the patches of onion skin 
shimmer a much richer yellow-orange. Gorgeous!
 (Original again shown underneath.) 
Phew! That whim that paid off, 
and now it's destined to be incorporated in 
a special series of quilts currently under way.
....More on those later!

It's time for August's vote in my ongoing
 Personal Pie Challenge.
Have a look at my Pies Board on Pinterest 
and cast your vote here in Comments. 
I'll make the winning vote and post
before the end of the month.
As they say, pick me a winner! 

Sunday, August 11, 2013

A Walk In the Park

My husband and I began our recent anniversary celebration 
with an afternoon walk through this favorite park,
just north of Ithaca. 
 Spoiler alert: this is the grand finale of the walk.
Grand in their own right, these falls greet all who 
enter the trail
On this particular hot day we saw young and old
wading, sliding and just cooling off 
in Mother Nature's swimming pool. 
While admiring the falls at the end of the trail I noticed these 
rock formations. Having studied Pre-Columbian art
in college, and having climbed Mayan ruins, 
of course I saw Mayan hieroglyphs.... 

but then again, I'm always looking for shapes in the clouds! 

We had a great anniversary, 
and didn't have to travel far for it!
What's your favorite local spot?

Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Height of Summer

 With many new projects on the horizon, 
pausing to enjoy a few summer pleasures is just the ticket.
 A backyard camp fire with Jeff,
 brewing up sunflower dye (before they're gone!),
and cooking up scrumptious 

In the Studio, wool felt is the current material of choice
and I'm designing some beautiful, quick-sew projects! 
Kits will soon be available for sale in my Etsy shop. 
Stay tuned for details!

Thanks to everyone who joined the discussion 
in last week's post about art and education in America. 
It's an important topic and I truly 
appreciate your thoughts and opinions. 
Here on the blog, I'm keeping the door open to discussion 
and sharing ideas about delivering creative 
opportunities to young people. 
Interested in workshop ideas, I'd love to hear about 
your favorite workshops with young people. 

Wishing everyone a beautiful week!