Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Short and Sweet

The Viking and I are steadily stitching along as
more and more bags are finished for my Etsy shop and 
our very own local Cinch Art Space.
Bags will be landing in both shops soon.

As always, each bag receives special details like this 
hand covered button using Amy Butler's Fairytale fabric.
My process takes time, which I truly enjoy,
because I believe we all deserve quality and should
feel special every time we pick up that bag.
 That's my goal.  :)

 Well, the iron is on and the sewing machine is calling.
Let me know what kinds of details you look for in a hand bag.
I'd love to hear!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A Stack of Generosity

 I'm such a lucky girl (and quilter)!  
Just a few weeks ago, I won this stack of 
V and Co.'s "Color Me Happy" fat quarters by Moda 
on superstar Julie Herman's blog:

WooHoo!! I'm ecstatic!
What a generous giveaway. 
Many thanks to Julie Herman, V and Co. and Moda.
I've been following Julie's blog for a few years,
and I think all of her quilts look fun and interesting to make.

So, imagining a fresh update for my dining room table, 
I purchased Julie's Sidekick ruler and Seaside table runner pattern.
(You can find her tools and patterns at your local or online
quilt shopsJulie provides a list by state on her blog.)

Believing one good turn deserves another,
I will use the Color Me Happy fabrics to make a quilt 
Would you help me choose the quilt pattern for 
a special child in need of comfort
Here's the link to see all of Jaybird's patterns
and here are the ones I'm leaning toward: 
Radio Way

Of course I'll post the progress of the Project Linus quilt,
and I can't wait to hear what you choose. Thanks so much!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

They're Here!

 Yes, that's right, "the ghastlies" collection of fabrics from 
The Alexander Henry Fabrics Collection (C) 2009
are piled high on the cutting table!

You know how some fabrics just make you smile? 

This collection of fabrics is so much fun to work with. 
I can assure you that clever tulip bags, bucket bags and 
my "Essentials" purses are fast on their way to
 Cinch (in time for Cortland Blooms, April 27th),
and to my Etsy shop (which is in dire need of restocking!)
Did I mention how fun these fabrics are?!
 How about Lost and Found, you ask?
I'm happy to say progress continues.
Here's the layout I'm leaning toward. 
Personally, I think the sashing is a tad too dark; however,
the sashing will decrease in visual weight once the seams are sewn.
Before I go cutting up more fabric, if you have a moment,
 I'd love your input!
What do you think: choose a range of softer grays for 
the sashing, or leave them as they are?
Thanks a lot!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

New Class at Cinch!

I'm thrilled to be teaching my bookmaking workshop
at Cinch on Saturday, April 26th!
There's still plenty of time to sign up, 
and with enough interest 
I'll happily teach it again.

There truly is something magical about making one's own book. 
I hope to see you there!

Last week, I began documenting my latest quilt adventure,
Lost and Foundand here's an update:
I settled in to the chain piecing and pressing.
I found it relaxing, enjoyable and so worth
the time and care.
Next, I squared up each block to measure 5.75".
As I trimmed this particular block,
something caught my eye.
Barely visible evidence of something that was.
Can you see the double row of needle holes in the pink square?
A piece of trim? A hem?
One of the things that intrigues me most about 
these anonymously pieced blocks
is the mystery life each fabric lived before
being cut up and made anew.

I'm anxious to see what's next for this quilt top.
Stay tuned!

April is suddenly a whirlwind of teaching classes, taking classes, 
shop hopping, quilting, sewing and much more.
Come back to catch all the fun!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Lost and Found

 Over a year ago I posted about these charming 
hand pieced blocks that came into my life 
after a trip to a local antique shop. 

All this time, I've just been looking at these blocks. 
And moving them around the studio. Looking some more.
 Until finally, this past weekend, these beauties came out
of their bag, received a fresh pressing and squaring up.

I thought it would be fun to share my first attempt 
at making a quilt using existing blocks, 
let alone hand pieced blocks
made by someone else.
Lost and Found.

Who ever stitched these blocks certainly let nothing
go to waste. Do I see fragments of handkerchiefs? 
Retired work shirts and dress pants? House coats? 
One thing's for sure, they make a delightful, eclectic mix.
Here's a piece cut from a garment that includes the seam.
Love that!
Can you spy the double row of hand stitching 
near the lower left corner?
A subtle reminder that we quilters are a humble lot. 
So, what to do with these pressed and squared blocks?
Good question. Graph paper, please.
I made some sketches, chose my favorite block design
and arrived at a quilt layout based on thirty useable blocks.
The overall quilt size will be about 36" x 42", a modest crib quilt.

Next, I listed the individual pieces needed for the design, 
and with scrap fabrics, I figured out dimensions 
for each piece, as well as the overall block construction (above).
If you look closely at the sample above
you'll see that I made an adjustment after noticing that 
the right point of the inside diamond didn't touch the sashing.
Thankfully, all it took to correct this problem was to
trim the block before attaching the sashing (see the left point).
  With the design decided and the math completed,  
I auditioned fabrics that I felt would work well with 
the scrappy blocks. 
In keeping with the spirit of scrap quilts, 
I promised myself to only use a variety of fabrics 
I already had on hand.  
A lucky assortment, don't you think?

Next came the first round of turning back!
For now, only the ivory triangles are cut.
I'll wait until after the blocks are pieced and squared up 
before I set to work cutting the sashing.
So, let the chain piecing begin!

Stay tuned for the progress on this crib quilt. 
I have a feeling it's going to be sweet!

Have any of you used inherited blocks? 
I'd love to hear what you've made!