Wednesday, April 16, 2014

They're Here!

 Yes, that's right, "the ghastlies" collection of fabrics from 
The Alexander Henry Fabrics Collection (C) 2009
are piled high on the cutting table!

You know how some fabrics just make you smile? 

This collection of fabrics is so much fun to work with. 
I can assure you that clever tulip bags, bucket bags and 
my "Essentials" purses are fast on their way to
 Cinch (in time for Cortland Blooms, April 27th),
and to my Etsy shop (which is in dire need of restocking!)
Did I mention how fun these fabrics are?!
 How about Lost and Found, you ask?
I'm happy to say progress continues.
Here's the layout I'm leaning toward. 
Personally, I think the sashing is a tad too dark; however,
the sashing will decrease in visual weight once the seams are sewn.
Before I go cutting up more fabric, if you have a moment,
 I'd love your input!
What do you think: choose a range of softer grays for 
the sashing, or leave them as they are?
Thanks a lot!


  1. Well first, I'm eager to see your new batch of bucket bags - they are always so much fun!

    Personally, I prefer the darker sashing that you currently have going. I think that the interiors might appear too washed out with lighter shades - just sayin'!

  2. Thanks, T. I had the same concern - lighter shades washing out the delicate patina that makes those patches so special. Excellent!