Sunday, August 11, 2013

A Walk In the Park

My husband and I began our recent anniversary celebration 
with an afternoon walk through this favorite park,
just north of Ithaca. 
 Spoiler alert: this is the grand finale of the walk.
Grand in their own right, these falls greet all who 
enter the trail
On this particular hot day we saw young and old
wading, sliding and just cooling off 
in Mother Nature's swimming pool. 
While admiring the falls at the end of the trail I noticed these 
rock formations. Having studied Pre-Columbian art
in college, and having climbed Mayan ruins, 
of course I saw Mayan hieroglyphs.... 

but then again, I'm always looking for shapes in the clouds! 

We had a great anniversary, 
and didn't have to travel far for it!
What's your favorite local spot?


  1. What wonderful photos, and what a wonderful way to celebrate your anniversary! You remind me of the beauty in my own back yard!

    1. We're so fortunate to have all this beauty right at home, aren't we? :)
      We had dinner at Bookers in Lansing - my lobster roll was tasty!