Sunday, April 1, 2012

Good Work

another great soule creation

Taproot: Living Fully, Digging Deeper.  New quarterly publication - I'm sold!

As if this magazine's concept alone wasn't enough,
the photography and content look very promising,
and check out the contributors -
many of us will immediately recognize Maya Donenfeld.
Take a spin around their lovely site.
 With great anticipation, congratulations to taproot.
A huge thank you to every one who chose their favorite of three
scrappy block designs for my next Project Linus quilt.

 I'm so excited to be sewing Storm Clouds!
And, because I personally adore Gathering Storm,
 I will attempt to make it a little later this year.
(Scrap pile, here I come!)
Thinking about a young person snug as a bug
under this quilt just makes me happy.
Stay tuned for updates of Storm Clouds
under construction.

Wishing you all a fun, lighthearted week ahead!


  1. Oh yeah, I really did like storm clouds!! Clarice

    1. Thanks Clarice! It was fun to have friends choose the arrangement. I'll have to do that more often! ;)

  2. Love the preview of Taproot - there are so many fabulous magazines to choose from - and this looks luscious. As will Storm Clouds - eager to see it come together!

    1. Thanks Tracy! One more beautiful, inspiring, thoughtful magazine to savor. :)