Sunday, March 25, 2012

Dark and Stormy

funny real estate - Cloud Lamps Make Me Hungry
My most favorite Pin of all today! Too cool, right?

Equally cool is the progress on the scrappy Project Linus quilt.
Last Sunday, I promised to show you how the blocks 
would come together (as if there would only be one design,)
but in my typical creative process I now face options...
So, I thought that choosing together would be fun!

In the Comments section, leave me your favorite design 
 (each named in honor of our current stormy skies) 
 and I'll gladly make the most popular one. 
 Storm Clouds
Thunder Bolts & Lightning
Gathering Storm

These three options show only a portion of what
would be the whole quilt, hopefully enough to give you 
a good idea of the repeating pattern.
Next week I'll announce which one I'll be sewing!


  1. Well, I vote for "storm clouds". I love the arrangement! And - I love the "dark and stormy" lampshades - very cool!

    1. Having one of those storm cloud lights over my grandmother's chaise in the studio would be over the top awesome!! Thanks for your vote Tracy!

  2. I agree, storm clouds!!!! Beautiful. Clarice

    1. Thanks Clarice! Maybe storm clouds and home made ice cream would be good together....;)

    2. Storm clouds gets my vote, also. (Ice cream always gets my vote.)
      Lovely design!

    3. Thanks Mary! If that's how you really feel about ice cream, take a look at Clarice's recipe over at Storybookwoods (in my blog roll) - you won't be disappointed!

  3. Replies
    1. Could there be a trend?! Thanks for voting Lara!

  4. I like Storm Clouds, too, but Gathering Storm gets my vote!

    Hope to see you soon...

  5. Deep down I feel the same as you, Steph. Gathering Storm forms large, alternating dark diamonds and light diamonds, creating a striking design. Thanks for playing along! xo