Sunday, March 11, 2012

Spring Is In The Air

 At sunrise this morning I noticed 
somebunny must have stopped by in the night.

More bunnies.

As the Etsy shop grows, so too does the fabric scrap pile. 
I'm settling in tonight to face the task of sorting scraps.
This is my first step as I consider a new (scrappy) quilt design. 
I'm itching to make more quilts for Project Linus
and I personally believe scrappy quilts just feel cozier.

But first, what's for dinner tonight? 
Why, let's check my Pinterest recipe board:
I know my dish doesn't look like the one I Pinned, 
but it sure does taste great!
And it was easy.


  1. Love your Zen and Bunny bags - just beautiful! I'm not an eggplant fan - but your picture could make me one - looks delicious!

    1. Thanks Tracy! I have enough of the racing stripe & bunny fabric to sew up one more bag. It's from Spoonflower and was my first attempt at sewing with Spoonflower fabric. It might be a future post because it really did handle differently than conventionally printed cotton fabric. Thanks for your always kind words! xo

  2. The Zen bag is amazing! I love the bunny bag too, you are so talented!

    Thank you so much for the fantastic package. I love the book and cup matt so much! The zipper pouch is perfect for my essentials in my knitting bag and the fiber batt was such a nice surprise. And I totally forgot to mention that the bow is fabulous!!! I can't believe you sent me a hand made bow. You are too much!

    1. Thank YOU for playing along during the Birthday give away. It was my pleasure sending you those goodies and I'm glad they arrived safe & sound. Enjoy them, and if you ever have enough time to actually embroider or sew a little something special from Alicia Paulson's book, show me! Keep sending your warm weather up north. :) xo

  3. Missy and I are meeting for bagles and coffe this morning! Your ears should be burning shortly :)

    Ive gotten some great ideas from the book, especially for the shelf edging. Newly painted closets call for being dressed up! The little sheep pattern is really cute too and would be perfect on a bag.

    It's going to be even warmer here today. Yesterday it was 80. Crazy! Enjoy the cool while you can!

    1. Dressed up shelves in newly painted closets...wanna come to my house next?!
      This very early spring weather makes me want to Spring clean and spruce up now, too. I hope you and Missy had a great coffee date yesterday! Wish I had been there. xo