Sunday, September 8, 2013

A Day At Quilters Corner

This week, I'm honored to be a part of 
(in Ithaca, NY)
for a visiting group of sewers and quilters.
I'll be demonstrating alongside some of the most
talented, supportive and giving women I know.
It's sure to be a really fun day.
For the occasion, I made a sweet wool felt 
needle keep for each "Friendship" kit sold at the shop.
Because I'll be talking in part about my featured project 
I added a button-and-loop closure to show an optional
 finishing touch to the original design. 
More suggestions to further personalize the tablet and 
cell phone cases are offered in the kit.
 With the "Friendship" kits packaged up,
I'm looking forward to a full day of demos,
meeting fellow fabric lovers, and if time allows, 
squeezing in a little shopping just for me!

Aside from preparing for Quilters Corner's Demo Day, 
I managed to make a Saturday morning visit
to a nearby stand of sumac trees.

 Sumac berries and steam.
This warm pink is fantastic! 
The silk noil will surely make a future quilt glow.
I spy silk-cotton thread thrown in for good measure, 
and as an experiment, wadded up silk shantung
with hopes that it'll be a good first layer 
for eco-printing, then over-dying 
and finally, hand-stitching.
It's times like this when patience really is a virtue.


  1. The Friendship Kit is beautiful! I hope you have a great time at the Quliters Corner.

    The Sumac dye looks like fun. Were the plants sticky to work with?

  2. Sumac is very easy to collect and dye - and it's not sticky - unlike milkweed.
    Today at Quilters Corner was fantastic! Thanks, Lara - and I hope your lovely patterns are being knitted up far and wide.

  3. I love the kits! They would make great Christmas gifts!

    1. Hi Bev, I was pleasantly surprised at the number of hand sewers/embroiderers there were at QC on Monday. It's certainly encouraging, and I don't feel so alone! :)

  4. I am so sorry to have missed your presentation - good thing you live close by! Way to go girl!

    1. We met over 100 women from the Albany area, and what a fun group! All went well, and I was in excellent company with Brynne Sigg, Edith Johnston and Kristin Thompson. We were bedecked with strands of pink beads with hopes that we'll wear them for Breast Cancer awareness next week. Again, what a great group!