Sunday, January 15, 2012

Intrepid Explorer


I can best describe what 
Pinterest is to me by 
calling it my Great Escape. 
It's a most creative 
time suck, and for that 
reason alone I love it.
Follow me, 
and I'll follow you. Deal?
C'mon, it'll be an adventure!

Wait! What about last week's lampshade, you ask?
Let me assure you the sugar starch method was a BUST!
I've since purchased wall paper paste and I'm pleased 
to report it's working like a charm. While I didn't intend 
for this to become a several week project, I do hope 
you'll come back next week and check on my progress. 
Hopefully, you'll see working lampshade hanging over 
my little corner of the Studio. 


  1. Pinterest, here I come - like I need another rabbit hole to fall down!

  2. Hey! I just requested an invite to Pinterest earlier today! I'm excited to see what you've pinned up there!