Sunday, February 19, 2012


Today is my niece's First Birthday party! 
Wrapping her gift is the perfect opportunity 
to make a special, handmade bow.

I Pinned a tutorial on my Happy Tutorials Board
plus I'm showing you here because it's fun!

 You'll need about a 12" square of paper 
to make one bow: 
consider recycled magazines, comic books, 
wrapping papers, marbled papers, newspaper,
brown paper bags you've decorated with 
stencils, doodles, etc.; any paper that is flexible and 
easily cut into strips.
 Cut 3/4" wide strips as follows:
 3- 12" lengths
 3- 11" lengths
 2- 10" lengths
1- 3.5" length
 Fold each end of one strip to the back as shown 
and tape at the back. Repeat for all strips except the shortest.
For that one you'll simply tape the two short ends 
together to form a loop.
 I suggest using a piece of tape to secure each unit 
as you build your bow. You don't have to, but it will keep 
the units from shifting and turning out wonky. 

Stack your three 12" units first, forming a kind of star shape.
Then similarly stack the three 11" units, and then 
the two 10" units, nesting and taping as you go. 
 By now your bow should look something like this.
Easy right? Now tape in the loop and you're
bow is ready to top a special gift.
Have fun and maybe you'll tell me the creative 
materials you use for bows!

Now, I have a party to get to! 
Wishing you all a happy & creative week.