Sunday, May 6, 2012

Creativity Unleashed

 At long, long last I've gotten started on making my own clothing.
If you follow this blog, you may recall that I'm a huge fan 
of Alabama Chanin, (founder/owner Natalie Chanin,) 
as well as Cal Patch and Rebecca Ringquist. 
I must have channeled all 3 of them at once in the Studio
this morning because I managed to draft 3 garment patterns, 
cut two garments, and begin sewing one, 
a long sleeve T-shirt shown above & below.
This detail is the tulip stitch embroidered on the 
center back seam of my T-shirt. Because it took me an hour 
to embroider about 6 inches, I decided to get a move on 
and just do a running stitch down each side of 
the rest of the seam. I like it so far! Stay tuned....

Yesterday, my favorite Girl In the World 
sent me an e-mail titled "A Must", and I agree.
Check out this man's photography project:

And to round out this ultra creative day, I found this 
amazing work of harmony from 
The Civil Wars.

This week, give yourself the gift of doing something creative. 
I promise to do the same!  


  1. What a wonderful day, well spent! I cannot wait to see your top completed - I love the "Humans of New York" photo-shoot. I think that we would agree from our trips there together- this is NYC! I just recently re-pinned your YouTube of "The Civil Wars" - lovely. You have my promise to be creative this week!

    1. Looking forward to hearing all about your acts of creativity this week! I'm always game for another NYC bead, fabric & adventure hunting day with you. The Humans of NY project is really wonderful - so cool that our kids "get it." :)