Sunday, April 14, 2013

A Flock of Fluttering Flamingos

 When my dear friend Vickie asked me to sew her a 
Tulip Purse with fabrics she purchased from Stash Fabrics
I wanted to drop everything, run home and get started!
Vickie brought me the entertaining pink flamingos 
and the polka dots. Pure happiness, right?!

Because I feel the Tulip Purse is at its best with 
at least three fabrics, I found the darker pink fabric 
at our local quilt shop, 
A Kaleidoscope of Quilts in Little York, NY.
 No store bought button here. That sweet little face made
a hand-covered button the only choice!

I love how roomy this bag is! As a knitter, I can tell you 
it holds a whole sweater and all of the yarn for the sweater. 
The pattern calls for plenty of pockets - excellent!
The bag is available in three sizes, but I love the 
Jumbo size so much that it's the one I always return to.
 I'm a big fan of the simple-to-sew details 
that make the finished product special.  
I've made quite a few of these now and have enjoyed 
sewing every single one - definitely hand made with Love.

Sending out a great big Thank You to Vickie 
for the opportunity to make this for you.
What goes around, comes around. I love you!
Knit on.


  1. Love it! I loved the fabric the day she showed us all - a Florida knitting bag if ever there was one. And - your product perfection to boot. Vickie is sure lucky!

    1. Making for friends is always a pleasure and an honor. Those flamingos livened up the sewing room!

  2. When two of my favorite people put their heads together.... it's magic!!!
    Absolutely stunning, T!

    1. Thanks Mary! You know I love making that bag, too...we knitters get a lot of mileage out of it!

  3. What a beautiful bag! You really make some magic happen at the sewing machine!

    1. Thanks Lara! Takes one to know one - I've been on the receiving end of a bit of magic from your sewing machine, too! ;)