Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Down the Chimney

Leaving a Christmas Eve plate of satisfying cookies 
for a gluten-free Santa can be a daunting task, indeed. 
Just in the nick of time I've got the cookie for you,
and kids can help, too!
Myself, I don't have the need to bake gluten-free. 
I'm just curious about what makes gluten-free baking different  
from traditional recipes, other than the obvious. 
Lucky for me, I happened upon the talented, passionate, 
gluten-free goddess herself, Karina Allrich,
and this is her Quinoa Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe.
Her informative blog introduced me to new ingredients,
offered helpful tips, and provided excitement about serving 
a whole new set of needs.
All told, the taste test was my favorite part!

5 out of 5 taste testers agreed that the flavor is excellent, 
the texture is appealing, and overall,
just like Santa, this recipe delivers. :)

Turn up the Christmas music 
(Ariana Grande & Elizabeth Gillies, The Christmas Song)
and happy holiday baking!


  1. I admit that at first thought, quinoa and cookie do not seem go hand-in-hand. Your picture of the cookies look wonderful though, and it trust that they are delicious! Thank you for sharing a recipe that can be enjoyed by a growing population!

    1. Marjorie was one of the testers and I was happy to hear her say how filling just one cookie is. Since Quinoa is a super food and a great source of protein, this cookie should be eaten at every meal... ;)