Thursday, January 9, 2014

Cozy Hearth and Home

Real stockings hung by the fire knit especially for 
my dear friend and Sophomore year college room mate, 
Karen Johnson.
There's nothing like knitting to keep a long-distance loved one close. 
As if our special friendship wasn't reason enough, 
following a well-written, beautiful pattern 
made knitting these even more of a pleasure
My friend Lara Smoot's sock pattern: Ferry Beach

Do you typically knit large or small projects for loved ones?
If you have a go-to pattern, I'd love to hear about it!

Trust me, this tasty morsel is a mouth-watering must-bake! 
(a supposed Starbuck's knock-off)
At first bite, they instantly took top spot 
in my recipe collection. They're that good.
Crank up your oven, brew some coffee and reach for your knitting. 
You're about to have an amazing day. :) 


  1. Having seen those socks in progress, it's so nice to set them completed!

    The scones sound divine! You are such a wonderful baker!

  2. Love the socks in the wood forms. What a clever idea. Clarice

  3. Oh my gosh Tierney! The socks look beautiful on your fireplace! I love the sock blockers.