Wednesday, May 21, 2014

A Newt Discovery

Yes indeed, Spring has sprung.
And so, too, have creatures great and small in our back yard.
I will spare you the gruesome story of exactly how I came
to discover this Newt, but perhaps it's enough to say
the words Stanley, baby rabbit and shovel. 
Maybe that was too much.
Well, as I uncovered this guy, contrary to what I expected,
he didn't move a muscle. 
And when I returned with my camera, he remained steady 
for his debut. Good Newt.
We'll see how long he sticks around.
 Sorry, but I just can't get enough of our flowering cherry 
and crab apple trees. Wildly inspiring, wouldn't you say?
 While I've been busy in the Studio and at the computer
working on new designs, (hooray!) and (more to follow!)
I've managed to squeeze in a few minutes 
here and there to piece together 
the Lost and Found quilt top. 

Thanks to all who offered opinions about the sashing. 
I think it all came together pretty well, don't you?
Next come layering, quilting, and my personal favorite, binding. 

Stay tuned for the final update on this unique quilt,
as well as the exciting work happening in the Studio. :)

Wishing you all a safe and fun-filled Memorial weekend!


  1. First - love your spring header! Stanley is a hunter - that's for sure! Can't wait to hear about all that you are working on!

  2. Thanks a lot, T.! And yes, Stanley is a hunter when it comes to rabbits, but just a player when it comes to all other critters!