Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Things That Go Bump In the Night

 Today, October 1st, I'm finally setting up my work station to
delve into the world of miniatures. 
My interest has been growing for a few years, and finally
I gave in and admitted to myself that I'd really like  
to try building miniature houses.
Why I take so long to have some fun, I'll never know, 
but ever since I gave in, the flood gates have opened 
and ideas are rushing in. 

In the spirit of Halloween, 
I'm sharing a few inspiring miniature haunted houses 
from my Pinterest Board, Dwellings.
 To dip my toe in the pond, I ordered two modest kits 
that I'll show in a future post.
So far, I've read the instructions and the helpful tips packet 
more than a few times. Oh, I've also stared at the numerous
pieces and parts thinking, "How am I going to keep these straight?"
Imagining an upside down house or some other awkward 
and really wrong final result, I just keep reminding myself to 
follow the instructions and all will be well.
 So, all that's left is to set up the work table 
and begin learning by doing. And today is that day!
 Aren't all of these haunted houses great?!
Just to be clear, I didn't build 
any of these in today's post. You can find them all on my 
Pinterest board with links back to the makers.

October is a fun month, between the fall foliage, 
rapidly changing weather, pumpkins in the field 
and little ghosts, ballerinas and firefighters going door to door...
it's the perfect time to start sanding, painting and creating 
small haunted, and not so haunted, houses.
 I will post updates on my miniature endeavors.
If you have tips and tricks to share, 
please leave me a comment. I'm wide open to guidance.
In the meantime, since it is October,
I'd love to hear what your little trick-or-treaters 
are planning to dress up as!


  1. I too, enjoy miniatures, but i lack the patience that the fine motor work would require in order to build one. I am eager to follow your progress! Please share regularly!

  2. We'll soon see if I have the fine motor skills and/or patience, too! I've seen some beach house kits and think of you, only you don't need one now that you've got your own life size beach house, LOL.