Friday, March 11, 2011

Finally Friday...

Spring is near.

And this festive little booklet is a cinch to make. 
It's so easy that you might have a pile of them
before you can turn your clock ahead tomorrow night!

Rummage through your paper scraps, magazines,
bits of wrapping paper, old note cards,
anything you have on hand.

Find a ruler, sewing needle, pencil, scissors, (awl, optional),
and embroidery floss or thread, twine, ribbon, etc.
Cover a work surface with a few layers of
newsprint or an old magazine.

I chose an old calendar as my booklet cover. 
Once you select your cover, use a ruler to mark the
length and width of the finished size of your booklet.
Cut (photo above.)

Next, select the papers for the interior of the booklet,
and using the cover as a guide, mark the length and width
of the papers. For this simple booklet, I cut a total of
4 interior pages.

Fold your cover in half. Using a bone folder or your finger tip, 
press a nice crease. This is the spine.

Fold each of your 4 pages in half, then nest them
one inside the other. With a bone folder or your finger tip,
press along the fold making a nice crease.

Lay the interior pages flat, stack them on your work
surface and keep the pages aligned. Lay the cover on top
of the pages, still keeping every thing aligned.
With your ruler and a pencil, mark the center
of the spine, then mark about 1/2" in from
the top edge and from the bottom edge
of the booklet (photo above.)

Using your awl or a needle, carfeully and firmly press
straight down through all the layers.
Gingerly check to see that you did.
If you did not, just repeat the step until you do.

Choose a coordinating color of floss, thread, ribbon, etc..
This will be seen on the inside and the outside of
the book. Cut approximately 18" of floss
and thread your needle.

Time to stitch the binding. I started from the outside,
but you can certainly start inside the book.
Personal preference.
Either way, the stitch pattern is identical.

This was tough to photograph in action, so here goes:

Starting at the middle hole, the needle goes down
through all layers, then move your needle to the lower hole
and bring it up through all layers. The needle should
be back on the outside of the booklet. Next, move your needle
to the top hole and send it down through all the layers,
then bring the needle back to the center hole and
push it up through all the layers.

The outside (or inside) of your booklet should look like this.
Place one thread tail to the left of the center stitch,
and the other tail to the right of it.
Using the tails, tie a knot so that you're essentially
keeping that center thread in place. Trim tail ends.

Give me a shout if this becomes confusing to you.
 I'll do my best to get you back on track.
It's a good binding to know!

And here is my sweet, simple booklet
to welcome Spring.
I probably spend more time choosing
papers than I do actually constructing the booklet.
  Make some. They'll put a smile on your face & will
definitely come in handy.

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  1. OH MY!!! This is so beautiful! I love the colors and the directions - very precise and concise! I hope to try my own soon. Please keep it coming!