Sunday, December 11, 2011

Open Studio Sunday

 A labor of love, most certainly.
A snapshot of the kind of handwork happening 
in the Studio these past few weeks.

 My head is full of ideas to try and
my hands are just trying to keep up.
Today, I'm hand sewing petals, listening to 
Christmas music, drinking lemongrass green tea 
and contemplating the magic of dragonflies: 

The most beautiful fused glass tray from my dear friend Atu.
Life is never quite the way it appears, 
but it is always filled with light and color. 
Dragonfly can help you to see through 
your illusions and thus allow your own light 
to shine forth. Dragonfly brings the brightness of 
transformation and the wonder of colorful new vision. 

- From "Animal Speak" by Ted Andrews
Enjoy this clip from one of my most favorite movies:
Finding Neverland.

I hope you make time to escape to your own Neverland.

1 comment:

  1. Your swan is a thing of beauty! It looks fluid, as though it has a story to tell. What is the destiny of your dragonfly?