Sunday, December 18, 2011

Open Studio Sunday

Two Silver Trumpet Friends under the Toy Tree

The Big Countdown has begun: 6 days remaining!
The Studio is sparkly, festive and messy, always a good sign.  

In the Studio today, the view is our snow-covered lawn,
which goes perfectly with Christmas present-making, 
gingerbread men & tiny lights.

December is a hectic month for us all and I, for one, 
like to give myself an occasional present.
 I've been eyeing Rebecca Ringquist's "Mistletoe"
sampler for several months, and then she had to go and 
make it even more irresistible by creating this kit, 
complete with embroidery hoop, needles and floss. 
If that isn't enough, it's all tucked into this adorable, 
sweet bag onto which Rebecca added her own personal touch. 
My present-to-myself arrived yesterday, *squeal*,
   and I'm anxious to sink some needles into it, after Christmas!

This is another of Rebecca's samplers: "Paisley".
I started this beauty in August, then life got in the way, 
and only now am I beginning to even think about 
picking it up again...after Christmas!

For tonight, it's back to the Studio to continue preparing gifts
for the people I love and hold dear. 

Don't forget, Wednesday is Santa's final Workshop 
where you'll find simple, fast paper ornaments to liven up 
kids' rooms, presents under the tree, or the tree itself. 
Last minute baking? You won't be disappointed!
See you then!


  1. Can't wait for Wednesday - in the meantime - your samplers look enticing! I'm not much of one for needlework (other than knitting), but I could be tempted by these!

  2. I know, aren't Rebecca's samplers amazing? So much fun, and a little bit of time goes a long way. Between stitch and color possibilities, the result is always as unique and as personal as the embroiderer. I love that!

  3. Be sure to check out Rebecca's Flick'r page because it highlights her samplers in the hands of her fans.