Sunday, October 21, 2012

Wild Skies

 Wild skies put the joy in yesterday's 
spontaneous joy ride around Cayuga Lake!
 Here I was standing with my camera facing west, 
and I literally spun around facing east and took the top photo.
I snapped this photo a few steps away from the previous two,  
and you can see the rain burst is no where in sight. 
I saw thee full rainbows at various times traveling down Rt. 89.
One was a double rainbow, and I chose to simply 
enjoy the moment rather than try to capture it with my camera.
A glorious fall day in upstate NY, which I thoroughly enjoyed.
 During the wee morning hours before work, I knit. 
Over the course of this past week, I managed to knit up
this huggable, lovable bunny rabbit
for my one and only niece. She's almost two, 
and while she will surely have many friends in her lifetime, 
I'm hoping this little long-ear will be counted among them.

For anyone interested in whipping one up: 
Small Rabbit with Sweater 
by Debbie Bliss, "Toy Knits" 

Catherine's 2008 blog post positively transformed 
my cold-weather beverage of choice  
from the classic wedge of lemon, 
slices of peeled ginger, 
cinnamon and honey 
into this one-scoop jar of gold
Catherine has clear (simple) instructions, 
just click on the link above.
I like using organic lemons and local honey.
With cold season already upon us, give this a try 
and let me know what you think!


  1. I know all about setting the camera down and enjoying the moment - what good is it to snap to share with others if you can't keep some of it for yourself! What a lucky, lucky niece to have such a devoted (and talented) aunt. Well done!

  2. Thank you Tracy! My love for my camera is second to my love for being in the moment. :) I'm anxious to visit the blog you sent me - so much beauty, so little time!

  3. I imagine there is no prettier place in the fall, than where you live!! Enjoy while it lasts. This tea looks interesting. And good for you, I will have to give it a try. Thank you. Clarice

  4. Tierney- I saw your post about this lemon honey concoction and immediately went out and bought lemons and a big jar of honey. I don't think it's ready yet, but it sure smells good! Thanks for the inspiration : )