Sunday, November 18, 2012

Festive Favors

 Hosting an intimate dinner tomorrow night, 
and looking ahead to Thanksgiving dinner
I felt inspired to make little tipis as favors or place settings. 
Here's the lo-down on how I made them in case 
you and your tribe of smalls need a simple, rustic adornment 
for your holiday table:  
 Materials Round Up:
Scraps of paper
Plastic lid (anything to make a large circle)
Coin (anything to make a small circle)
Medium to fine String
Hole Punch, or Needle & Thread
Sturdy but narrow Sticks, 3 per Tipi
 On the back of your paper, trace around the plastic lid.
Center the coin and trace around it.
Draw a line from the inner to the outer circle.
 Cut the outer circle, 
then cut the straight line, 
then cut the inner circle.
 With the right side of the paper now facing you, 
spiral one of the straight edges of the paper toward the inside 
and gently keep pulling it around. It will eventually look like this.
 Using the hole punch or a sewing needle 
punch two holes, catch two layers of paper each time 
and place the holes about where shown above.
By hand or with needle & thread, bring a 3" length of string
up through both holes from the inside, 
and tie a square knot on the outside, as shown above. 
Trim string ends to desired length. 
I used dried lily stalks but any sticks about this size will do.
I used three sticks per tipi, and cut the sticks 
a little longer than the final length.
 Tie another 3" length of string around your three sticks 
about an inch from the top, wrapping the string 
one or two times around the sticks before tying a square knot.
Trim string ends so they're not visible at the top of the tipi.
Trim the bottom of the three sticks so the tipi 
sits nicely on the table.
Once you make the first tipi it won't be long before 
an entire village spreads across your table!
While I'm not using these as place cards,
printing each guest's name beneath the tipi's tie closure
would be fun. However you use your village, have a great time
making the tipis. I'd love to see pictures of your village.

Happy Thanksgiving!! 
I remain grateful for my many blessings, 
and am looking forward to my daughter 
cooking her first Thanksgiving dinner! 
How will you spend your Thanksgiving,
 and have you ever slept in a tipi?

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  1. Your table-setting was the best - along with everything else! Your know how to bring the holiday right to the table! Thanks for the tutorial T.!