Sunday, November 11, 2012

Many Hands

Amyla on Flick'r
 For ages, human hands have been drawn to felt.
I Pinned the above picture on my Handmade Board because 
my hands, too, are drawn to felt. 
Ginny's festive felted brooch made earlier today
So, when my dear friend Tracy reached out to our 
local knit group to make felted brooches to 
benefit a local charity, I couldn't resist! 
Earlier today, a few of us met at Tracy's and set to work. 
See Ginny's gorgeous example above.
Tracy's Dining Room table was piled high with beads, 
buttons, felt, glitz & other assorted shiny bits, and we had FUN!  
The brooches will be sold at Thanksgiving time 
at our local yarn store, SpunRightRound.  
100% of the proceeds will benefit our local Library.
Melissa's stack of jewel-tone felt circles destined 
to brighten lapels every where!
As our afternoon progressed, so did our brooches. 
We all agreed that once we made a few 
our confidence grew.
Worker bees, from left to right: 
Ginny, Tracy, Melissa and Kimberly. 
(Colleen and I prefer to be off stage.)
Many hands make light work....Melissa's hands in this case!
One of Tracy's masterpieces!
More of Tracy's creativity: festive Poinsettias.
As brooches began to pile up, we realized 
we definitely worked up an appetite. 
Thankfully Colleen's hands had been busy earlier, 
making these delicious lattice-top cherry pies!

Once the felted brooches are put on display for sale, 
I will follow up with pictures of the whole lot!
Each one is unique, handmade and beautifully detailed. 
They will look perfect on lapels, headbands, tote bags, 
scarves, topping gifts and anything else in need of 
a little something special this winter!

I'd love to hear what other individuals or groups do 
for charitable giving. Hey, the more ideas the merrier!  


  1. What a splendid afternoon - good friends, good food, and a good cause! Thanks for capturing the afternoon on film (so to speak)!

    1. Thank YOU Tracy for gathering all of together! I had a great time and can't wait to see the final assortment.

  2. Your pictures are beautiful (as are our very creative pins). I told Colleen that her pies looked like they should be in a photo shoot - and here they are!!

    1. Aw, thanks Melissa! You have a natural gift for understanding color. I love anything you make. I always enjoy your company and look forward to returning to the knit shop more often.