Sunday, February 24, 2013

A Celebration & Give Away!

Chocolate-Nut Hand Pies 
are a tender, flakey way to celebrate
Silver Trumpet Style's 2nd Blogiversary!
This simple treat was a spring board from a dessert 
my dear friend Tracy made for one of our BITE dinners.
You can find her recipe here
(scroll down to Transylvania Dinner, Chocolate Walnut Strudel) 
and these are the simple changes I made:
4 oz. of chopped Lindt Dark Chocolate bar with Currants.
Puff pastry dough cut into 4" diameter circles.
Place about 1 Tbsp. of the filling in the center of each circle.
Brush the edges with a beaten egg before folding 
the pastry in half and pressing fork tines around the edge.

Now for the give-away:

Winner's choice of one Silver Trumpet zipper pouch!

The winner will be selected from those of you who kindly 
leave a comment sharing your best party tradition.
Is the same cake recipe made for every birthday?
Is there a scavenger hunt for gifts? Party games?
Share your favorite party tradition and
be sure to include an email address ("dot com"), 
or link to your blog or FB page.

 The winner will be announced next week.
 I hope you will love to call one of these zipper pouches
your own or know someone special who would! 

Thank you all for visiting Silver Trumpet Style.
You make it all worth sharing! 


  1. Happy Anniversary dear Silver Trumpet! Here's to another year of inspired blogging. I don't really have a party tradition, other than I can find almost any reason to throw one!

    1. Thank you Tracy! I'm looking forward to another year of sharing the good stuff!

  2. Happy, happy blogiversary!!! Isn't blogging so fulfilling?? Best birthday tradition? Well in our house the birthday person gets an elaborate breakfast in bed, made by me ;-) I try to do something really different each year. Like Auberne`s got cinnamon rolls cooked in a waffle maker with maple cream cheese and bacon on top. A big hit. By the way for my b-day, we go out. LOL, the life of being the cook. Congrats again. Clarice

    1. Oh Clarice, of course your family would have such fabulous Birthday celebrations! I want to spend even a day at your house - cinnamon waffles cooked in a waffle maker?! The girls have it made!

  3. No traditions here. Just want to say I'm happy you're still blogging right along after 2 whole years! Congratulations to Silver Trumpet.

    1. Thank you Mary! I miss hanging out around the spinning wheels with you. We'll have to get together soon! I hope you're weaving and spinning through these long winter months, making a dent in that stash. ;) Thanks for continuing to follow along. xo