Sunday, March 3, 2013

Happy Cake and a Winner!

Friends and family know I'm positively smitten 
with my now 2 year old niece, Breezie.
Here are some of the makings of 
her very happy Birthday party
that took place last Sunday:
There was, as Breezie calls it, Happy Cake!
(This delicious chocolate cake with
a fudgey chocolate filling was made by 
East Side Bakery in Cortland NY.)
 Gifts made with love by Aunt Tierney.
 Using only Castle Peeps fabrics by Lizzy House
(plus a metallic dot fabric for the card backs)
I made Breezie this game of Concentration,
plus a simple storage tote bag.
 Be forewarned, if you decide to make some 
for the special young person in your life 
you may not be able to stop with only one set. 
Two more sets are cut & waiting at my sewing machine!
 Here's a look at some of Lizzy's spunky, funky 
fabric designs from her Castle Peeps collection. 
There are more designs and colorways in the collection
but I used only what I had enough of 
for two exact patterns each.
I hope this game brings Breezie hours of fun.
Puff the Magic Dragon is being celebrated for its 
50th anniversary with an assortment of items.
I chose this hard cover book with CD for Breezie, 
but there's also a pop-up version.
I think she'll like the charming illustrations.
I know I do!
The Star of the Show!
 These paper favors were the BIGGEST hit of her party!
They brought about a great deal of belly laughs from 
all of the party-goers, young and old.
 The final part of my gift was the Odette Hoodie 
(pattern by Carrie Bostick Hoge.)
When I saw this pattern on Ravelry I immediately  
knew I had to knit it for Breezie!
The yarn is Lark (color: Twig) by Quince & Co.
Lark is a springy, cushy, domestic wool 
that I found thoroughly enjoyable to knit.
Totally Breezie.
It's safe to say that a good day was had by all, 
especially the Birthday Girl
(pictured here with her Grandma Ray Ray.) 

Drum roll please!

The winner of last week's Silver Trumpet 
Blogiversary giveaway is 
Clarice of Storybook Woods
Clarice at one of her book signings.
I will contact you Clarice to see which zipper pouch 
you'd like to call your own. I want every one
to know you've been inspiring me for a few years now,
from recipes to family love, to the art of blogging. 
Congratulations Clarice, and thanks for playing along! 


  1. What beautiful and thoughtful handmade gifts! Your adorable niece is one lucky little girl to have you as an aunt. Looks like a fun party!

  2. Thank you Bonnie. She's easy to love and just as easy to make things for!

  3. How wonderful - all the way around - I love your game of concentration and the hoodie is darling! Man oh man - does Breezie look like her mom!

    Congratulations Clarice!

  4. Thank you Tracy! The Odette hoodie was fun and fairly quick to knit - in case you're looking for your next small project. ;)

  5. What a cutie pie, no wander you are smitten. Happy birthday Breezie. It looks like you had a really fun party. LOVE the sweater. Gosh I won!! Thank you and I am honored xox Clarice

    1. There's something really cool about kids' parties - all that excited energy! I only wish I had an ounce of that energy! Thank you again Clarice and I'm happily mailing off a sweet package to you tomorrow!

  6. Happy Cake! Hurrah for Happy Cake!!
    Concentration game and bag are awesome. Breezie is SO fortunate to have Aunt Tierney in her life.

    1. Isn't Happy Cake just the best thing you've ever heard? Thanks to Breezie, from now on I'm calling all cake Happy Cake. I'm fortunate to have her in my life. :) Thanks Mary! xo t

  7. Happy birthday Breezie!

    What a beautiful sweater and the concentration game is fantastic! You are so very talented Tierney :)

    1. I'm considering knitting one of your cowl patterns using the left over Lark from Quince & Co. It's so springy and warm that I thought it might work well. I will keep you posted as I embark on your next about talent! ;)

  8. What a wonderful post - thank you for sharing! I can't believe that she is two years old already. How time flies. She looks JUST like her grandma R in that picture. What a lucky little girl she is to have such a kind, talented, and generous aunt.

    1. Aw Steph, thanks so much for your kind words. Having the connection that you do, I'm happy you can catch a glimpse of Breezie here - let me assure you her personality is larger than life! And she's so easy to love. Thanks again!