Sunday, March 24, 2013

Pretty In Pink

Pretty in pink indeed,
and yellow, turquoise, blue, orange....
Using this hand spun to its best advantage:

Recently a plain white gift box was tired and bored 
until pom-poms came to the rescue 
covering the box with FUN!

Click on this beautiful slide show to see Ezra and Big Red 
hatching and raising their 3 chicks in 2012.
the Cornell Lab of Ornithology (in Ithaca NY)  
is on and you can watch this famous couple, live!
Ta-da! I not only finished, but I don't want to take off these 
Mirrored Step socks knit from Lara Smoot's pattern which is
available for sale in her Ravelry shop.
They're everything you want a hand knit sock to be:
easy to knit from tested & reliable instructions with comfy results. 
Get the pattern
Be selfish, knit yourself a pair. ;)

Happy Spring!


  1. Love the pom-poms, love the socks and love the web-cam! Last year I had the Cornell blue Heron one up - I'll need to try it again! Keep sharing all of these wonderful things Tierney!

  2. I love the pom-poms!!! What a great idea. One year Andy and I made a pom-pom garland for the Christmas tree. He crocheted a chain in cream color yarn and we both made the pom-poms for it.

    Your socks are so beautiful! Thank you for test knitting :) You are the best!