Sunday, June 2, 2013

Just Three Days

...until Vickie and I are once again Squamward Bound!
Last week, I introduced one of the two instructors 
whose workshops I'm taking: Alena Hennessy.
 As promised, here's the second instructor I'm excited 
to learn from: Franklin Habit,
writer, illustrator and photographer from Chicago, IL.
Check out his entertaining and informative blog,
 The Panopticon.
If you're a knitter, you likely know of him and his book 
of witty knitting cartoons, "It Itches."
For Franklin's Tomten workshop, I anticipate a fun day 
of fast knitting with fellow knit-a-holics, 
and perhaps even some yarn bombing from which 
even the most charming cabin cannot hide.
Before I head to the wilds of New Hampshire, I must share 
a beautiful gift from my beautiful friend Tracy  
who nominated my blog and three others for
The Sweetest Blogger Award!
  Upon accepting this award, I answer 5 questions about myself
and then pass the award to (up to 13) other blogs I adore.
1.  Cookies or cake?  
 Is there really an "or"?
2.  Chocolate or vanilla?  
I repeat... :)

3.  Favorite sweet treat?  
 Aunt Mardi's Carrot Cake,
especially the one Michelle made for my birthday.
(While it's not Aunt Mardi's recipe, if you're now craving 
carrot cake, click the cupcake photo above for
Gwen's recipe and bake up some carrot-cake-love
in your kitchen!)

4.  When do you get hit with cravings?  
2:00PM. Like clockwork.

5.  Sweet nickname?  
Super T.
I want my friends to know how great that makes me feel.

Thank you for your ever-present support, Tracy!
I happily nominate these 5 deserving blogs for 
The Sweetest Blog Award:
lil fish studio, Lisa Jordan

Have Needles Will Knit, Lara Smoot
Brichopas, use the translate bar for 
a review of handmade toys the world over.
Meet Me At Mike's, Pip Lincolne
Celebrate the sweetness and beauty in you.
You deserve it!


  1. Yay, Super T.!!! I envy your trip and look forward to hearing all about it on your return!

  2. You will be missed, and I'll be sending good vibes as you settle in to your new digs! Thanks again for introducing me to a new blogger award - that was fun! xo t