Sunday, July 7, 2013

Full Tilt

 Last weekend, the studio was at full tilt! 
I had tons of fun - pounding, wrapping, solar & immersion dyeing.
Above: pounding peonies and violets in silk habotai, 
Lac immersion dye for more silk habotai & silk-cotton thread 
 ...resisting on itself for stellar stitching. :)
I'll share more results as solar and wrapped dye experiments
finish cooking over the next few weeks.
In the down time between dye methods, 
I whipped up a batch of pea shoot pesto.
 Dwarf Pea Shoots in the garden: 
pinch small, tender shoots for salads, sandwiches & pesto!
Pea shoot pesto and chicken salad.

I made up the pesto based on what I had on hand:

A few bunches of pea shoots, fill the food processor
2-3 garlic cloves, peeled
2 generous handfuls of sunflower seeds (or walnuts)
A generous pinch of salt
I didn't, but you could add parmesan cheese

Whirrrrr it all together in your food processor
and slowly drizzle in
4-6 Tbsp. Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
Keep whirring until it looks like pesto!
Store in an airtight container in the fridge, 
or longer in the freezer.

Delicious and packed with nutrients, 
this pesto is a winner at our house!
If you try it, let me know what you think.

Before I sign off for the week, I have to be 
honest about the pie recipe I made and shared 
with you last week. We dug into it Sunday night, 
and sadly it turned out to be a flop. 
From what I could tell, the wet fruit filling 
prevented the topping from staying dry and crumbly, 
turning it instead into hot goop. 
Too bad, because I really had my hopes up for that one.

Well, there's always July's pie... 

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  1. Ah, those lovely pink shades, just beautiful! Your pesto sounds wonderful! We are into scapes in our household at the moment. How nice to have fresh ingredients on hand.

    We have all had recipe flops - it means that you are stretching yourself! Your two pie choices sound wonderful! I guess that I'm leaning toward the Blueberry Ginger!

    1. Thanks for your vote, support through my recipe flops and constant encouragement. I've made even more progress today with other dye experiments, to be shared in future posts. Hoping to stitch a bit today, inside. If I go outside I fear I might melt!

  2. Beautiful dieing!! You know I think pie making is not easy. Plus some day are just flop days. I can make something I have made a dozen times and then, it all goes wrong. Every day is a new day. Well I have a huge weakness for buttermilk pies. I have a friend who I have not seen in years, she made the most silky buttermilk pie ever. I even know what recipe you used but I still cannot seem to recreate hers but I keep trying xox Clarice

  3. Thanks for voting Clarice! I've never tried buttermilk pie (making or eating) so your vote is crucial, plus you just make it sound so tempting! You know I'll give a full report when I make it.
    Thanks for taking time to stop by - I know how busy you are. ;)

  4. hi tierney! oh my, those dyeing experiments are looking so lovely! peonies, violets and silk, what a fun combo to spend your weekend with. and pea shoot pesto sounds divine! we have just started playing with pesto-making, but i haven't tried pea shoots yet. do they need to be the young shoots? my peas have become a wild fence-climbing jungle...

  5. Hi Cal! Thanks for the vote for both pies - sounds like the winning plan to me! I do prefer clipping the tender new shoots for salads and sandwiches, and don't mind if they're a little more mature for pesto, but not too much or they get woody. Have you tried scapes for pesto? I was just at my friend's home and she grows Thai Basil. She has used that for pesto. Thai Basil is now on my must-grow list! It has a licorice scent that is to die for!

  6. I just came over to look at your hand dyed threads- they are BEAUTIFUL! I love that resist, and can't wait to see how they stitch up!

  7. Hello Rebecca! Thanks for your enthusiasm - I'm excited to stitch with them, too! Each time I have a pot of dye, a skein gets tossed in. :)