Sunday, July 14, 2013

Under Summer Skies

After a relaxing family getaway at Keuka Lake, 
I returned home and fired up another dye pot:
The silk habotai & silk-cotton thread shown here 
are much more acidic in color than any example 
I've seen in books, and I'm very pleased.
For me, half the fun of dying is not knowing what will happen.
The last photo shows hibiscus (deep pink) 
immersion-dyed silk gauze and silk-cotton thread. 
I especially like the mottled pinks in the thread!

So much is happening around the Studio 
that I've got to spread it out over a handful of posts. 
 I'm having a blast working on my pie baking (yes!), 
 some hand sewing for my wardrobe,
drawings from the garden 
and bundling eco-prints. 

I'd love to hear what's keeping you busy this summer.  :)


  1. I love the acidic color - right up my alley. I'm working at crafting a new shawl,and after two misfired beginnings, I think I'm off and running.

    Eager to hear about your pie!

  2. You'll not only hear about my pies, but you'll taste one of them tonight! Cross your fingers that all goes well! Looking forward to seeing the shawl well under way now. You always choose the nicest patterns. Stay cool in the tree tops, Tracy!

  3. The natural dye colors are really pretty. Purple yarrow?! Amazing! I didn't know that it grows in more colors than yellow.

  4. Thank you, Lara! I'm having a blast not knowing what will happen, and I've just unfurled some silks that I'll share on Sunday. You created a monster when you explained how you freeze marigolds - now our freezer has more dye stuff than food!

  5. Looks like you are having a wonderful summer! Silk and pie, oh my!!

  6. That's about the size of it, right?! Thanks Mary - I'm having a blast and can't get my hands on enough silk fast enough! Peach jam is in my near future: earl grey and peach or peach and spices. Decisions, decisions! I hope you're weaving and spinning to your heart's content!