Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Breathing Space

 Sorry for the lapse in posts; however, 
I've been taking advantage of some time to breathe.
As gorgeous as Fall is in upstate NY, it doesn't 
stick around very long, so I've been out and about 
enjoying some of our local sights and sounds.  
 The Ithaca Farmer's Market (both photos above) 
is brimming with exuberant colors and flavors.
My garden is envious!
 Many of you know my dear friend Carol Horton. 
 She treated us to her favorite food vendor's 
fresh, tasty spring rolls with plum sauce and crushed peanuts!
 A market highlight: discovering the sprout lady 
(my made up name for her because 
I can't remember the business name.)
 Reaching for more radish and sunflower sprouts!

I'll be back to visit other food vendors, like Cambodia - 
and to pick up more antique apples from Black Diamond Farm 
(thanks Vickie!) So many talented artists, too.... 
 Since my previous post, my mom celebrated her 
75th Birthday, and this is the pool bag I created just for her.
The bag's proportions are good for my mom's height.
Stuffed with a giant pool towel, the bag also has pockets  
for my mom's sunglasses, sunscreen, phone and keys.
Her Kindle and i-pad will fit in there, too.
 Meant for years of use, Alexander Henry fabric 
and cotton duck should hold up well.   
Happy Birthday, Mom!
 I just finished this Tulip Purse for myself
(the fabrics were cut several months ago).
Silly kitty. This is a knitting bag, not a kitty bed.
This particular bag is holding my Goodnough sweater
(pattern by Blue Peninsula.
I swoon over corduroy. 
It brings me right back to my happy childhood 
in the 70's (no surprise!) 
The button I chose for this bag was made by 
the super talented MaryAnn Carroll
and you can find more of her beads, buttons 
and jewelry here on her Etsy shop.

Now back on track for weekly posts, 
I hope to see you next week!


  1. The Ithaca Farmer's Market is always a treat! Both of your bags are just gorgeous,and I'm sure that your mother is thrilled with hers. Happy birthday Gen!

  2. My trip to the Ithaca Farmers Market reminded me that I should go more often. I'm taking my new corduroy knitting bag to Southern Adirondack this weekend - yay! Looking forward to bumping in to you at the festival! :)

  3. What an amazing farmers market! I love both the bags you made, especially the corduroy one. Stanley has good taste :)

    1. Stanley seems to have a sixth sense when it comes to doing exactly what I don't want him to do.... I can't imagine you and Andy would experience anything like that at your house!

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks, Bev! I'm just beginning to test out some other materials and techniques for my bags, so I'll post some pics a little later!