Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Leaves, Stenciled and Steamed

Too pretty to eat? 
Scroll down for details!  

These days, seeking to make the most  
of fall foliage before snow falls, I'm often in the yard 
gathering every last good looking leaf.
Above, a bundle of bronze fennel and some rusty bits.
Below, the same bundle is unfurled, washed and dried.
From a bundle of Sugar Maple and iron bits.
A bundle of fern, onion skin and bronze fennel.
  That same bundle unfurled, backlit by the sun.
And finally, washed and dried.
    I'm excited about the growing pile of colorful, patterned silks 
in the studio patiently waiting for winter sewing. 
Stay tuned for future work incorporating these gems. 
Together we'll see what comes of all this work (and play)!
With just a few months of dedicated natural dye experimentation 
under my belt, I'm hopelessly smitten and
I'm already making notes for spring. :)

Rising to meet my Personal Pie Challenge for October
is my cousin Abby's Velvety Pumpin Tart, 
found in her book The Weekend Baker.
I'm extra proud of myself with this one because 
it's the first time I've used my tart pan, and 
c'mon - that stencil rocks!
Abby's clear directions simplified each step from start to finish.  
After slicing into this seasonal treat I completely agree with Abby - 
it's so velvety and flavorful that it's definitely replacing 
my (old) Thanksgiving pumpkin pie!
Did I mention the gingersnap crust or the very flavorful filling? 
Thanks Abby. This one is definitely a winner!

Well, this slice of pie and a fresh hot cup of coffee are
heading back to the Studio with me for the rest of the afternoon - 
I hear some silks calling my name.


  1. Oh my - your silks look as though nature has walked all over them! So beautiful! And your tart and stencils - wow!

  2. Thanks, T.! I love how you said that about the silks! I'm feeling quite busy wrapping up a collection of new designs in time for the holidays. :)

  3. That pumpkin tart looks delicious and your stencil was beautiful!