Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Knitting From the Heart

Each year, the chilly arrival of Fall triggers  
my desire to knit hats and scarves for some of my 
most favorite charities (scroll down for links.)  
 While I've knit scarves, I admittedly have a penchant for hats. 
Afterall, they're always in need 
and let's be honest, they're fast! 
They're great canvases for handspun and hand dyed yarns -
both of which occupy a fair amount of real estate in the studio.  
Hats for kids can be playful and colorful, 
while hats for adults can show off cool patterns. 
Sometimes the two collide with decent results:
Here are 3 hat patterns most often on my needles: 
Little Scallops (above) free pattern by Maria Carlander 
Kim Hamlin's hat patterns in Last Minute Knitted Gifts
And my brand new favorite,
Barley hat pattern by Tin Can Knits (8 free patterns)

Each year, as a new stack of knitting grows beside my chair 
I feel such happiness and love sending out 
a little bit of comfort into the world,
whether to a nearby hospital or the streets of NYC

If you knit for a charity, please share it in Comments. 
Like so many of us, I'm always looking for another 
great reason to pick up sticks and string. :) 


  1. How wonderful to share your talent and your heart. (though it comes as no surprise) Thank you for nudging the rest of us forward. The happy recipients of your gems will be lucky indeed!

  2. Thanks, Tracy. I've been working on the Barley hat pattern by Tin Can Knits and it's really terrific - speedy and perfect for beginning knitters!

  3. These are lovely!!! My little bag of hats I knit last spring was donated to the needy families box at Crouse in Syracuse with the arrival of my nephew this week. Now to make one for him! Thank you for the links to the patterns, I'm going to try the Little Scallops...

    1. Thank you for letting us all know about the handy box at Crouse. I'll definitely drop some little hats into that box. Congratulations on becoming an Aunt! :)

  4. Beautiful and thoughtful, thanks for sharing the links! This is going on my to do list!

    1. What ever you knit up will be awesome and very much appreciated!