Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Help a Fellow Artist

 Doodling?! Sign me up! 
Last week on Rebecca Ringquist's blog 
I learned about artist Lisa Solomon's request 
for help on two of her upcoming installations.
 If you'd like to participate, there's still plenty of time!

Go here for Lisa's project details.

Pictured above are my two doilie doodles for Lisa, 
and on the tablet you can see her doilie used for reference -
you know, because doilie doodles are so meticulous and tidy. 
No! In fact, she strongly encourages evidence of your own hand. 
I think I've covered that base pretty well.
 Lisa's second project involves French knots.
On purple linen, I made three lime green French knots.

Spending a few minutes cruising around her blog 
is refreshing and interesting. I enjoyed seeing her 
previous doilie project. Her book is now on my wish list....

Having a hand in Lisa's current projects, 
alongside numerous other like-minded people, is exciting. 
I can't wait for her installations to go up, 
and I'll post dates here as I learn of them.  
Thank you for the opportunity, Lisa!

The Japanese Tree Peony's blossoms
have come and gone. 
We enjoyed about one week of lush blooms the size of 
dinner plates, and then a few days of steady rainfall 
knocked them to the ground.


  1. Oh my, this brought back childhood memories of Spirograph! My sisters and I would spend many a rainy day creating "psychedelic" designs (it was the early 70's after all). What a fun project you are working on!

    Peonies are one of my favorite flowers. I managed to bring a bouquet in before the rainfall, but I know that they will create a rainfall of their own shortly!

  2. You make a peony soap, right? swoon! I, too, was reminded of Spirograph as I was scribbling the doilies for Lisa Solomon. Guess that makes us doodlers from way back!