Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Macaroons For the Road

 Spring 2014 Squam Art Workshops 
festivities begin today!
I am not among the merry creatives this year; 
however, my dear friend Vickie is, so I made her
some coconut macaroons for her 8+ hour drive.
 Each year, coconut macaroons are a highly anticipated 
treat in the Rockywold Dining Room. Mine turned out 
moist and flavorful, although a bit sweeter than what I 
remember indulging in at Squam,
but that just means I'll have to try again...darn!

For my first attempt at the macaroons I turned to my cousin 
Abigail Johnson Dodge's cookbook, Desserts 4 Today.
This is a handy book to have around because the recipes are 
current, fast and include only 4 ingredients. Swoon!
Silky puddings, mouth watering cookies and creative ice creams, 
toasted nuts, seasonal fruits and intriguing whipped creams - 
there's definitely something for every occasion, 
or none at all...which is my favorite.
Squam Lake, fellow Campers, and all that is 
Squam Art Workshops,
I miss you already!
Wishing everyone there an amazingly creative,
supportive and happy time. 
Enjoy the macaroons, the woods and each other. 
(Especially you with the Talismouse - you know!)


  1. When I saw Vickie's FaceBook post about receiving macaroons (plus a hand illustrated card) from a secret elf, I just knew it was you! You can turn anything into magic!

  2. Aw, you're so kind! My first attempt at macaroons was fun. Certainly worth trying again...