Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Everything Old Is New Again

Recently soaking up every ounce of the Folklore issue of
Selvedge MagazineI was pleasantly surprised to find 
a few articles devoted to the recent come back of 
wood block printing, on both wallpaper and textiles. 

Wood block prints occupy a warm place in my heart.
Since cutting my first linoleum block in grade school,
I've occasionally returned to the process over the years, 
as it's a natural outlet for my design sensibilities
I've only recently come to know that about myself, 
and now that I do, block printing is 
alive and well in my studio. 

Because I don't have work of my own yet to show,
I thought I'd treat you to a sampling of today's incredibly  
talented wood block printers, starting with the 
renown UK artist Hugh Dunford Wood:

I'm a huge fan of his work, and you can read more about 
Mr. Wood's own fascinating story, amazing accomplishments and 
see more of his studio's lively designs on his website.

Let's also cheer on the home team of the Philadelphia-based 
company Galbraith and Paul
producing beautiful block printed wallpapers and textiles.

While Galbraith and Paul have recently switched to
some digitized design work, overall, it's heartening to
 see such a time-honored hand craft coming back for 
another round of due popularity world-wide.

Here are a few other block printers' websites 
noted in issue 59 of Selvedge Magazine:

Finally, because no discussion about wood block prints 
would be complete without mention of the master himself, 
William Morris:


  1. I have always loved block prints! One of my favorite artists is Mary Azarian of Vermont. Her simple, clean lines are very soothing to me. I'm eager to see Silver Trumpet designs!

  2. Thanks for the suggestion, Super T.!