Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Fiber and Friend Fix

I'm back from a little getaway at Wiawaka on Lake George, NY.
The majority of this brief respite was spent on a huge covered porch 
just a few feet from the shore, seated at the wheel and
spinning with the best girlfriends a spinner could ask for!
The Minehaha cruising up the lake, 
surrounded by the Adirondack mountains. 
 Our group filled all of Wakonda Lodge, 
which has been newly opened 
after years of being closed up and unoccupied. 
We all agreed that this is our favorite place to stay at Wiawaka.
For the interesting history on this architectural beauty, click here.
 Priscilla, Mary and Marjorie (seated front to back).
(Sorry I didn't get a picture of you, Vickie!)
The room I called home for a few nights. Sigh. 
Sad to leave, but at the same time, anxious to get back 
to the studio! Still working toward that August 15th deadline....

While a few days away from the studio was just what 
the doctor ordered, a surprise side trip to Fat Cat Knits
proved an exciting fiber shopping experience!

4 oz. BFL colorways left to right:
Saint John, Piccolo, Mon Ami

I spun two of the bobbins at Wiawaka.
I will ply all three together and share the result next week! 
Before leaving for Wiawaka I had to clear some bobbins,
all of which were loaded with various IntoTheWhirled fibers.

Above, a happy three-ply of merino and silk.
Below, a glowing two-ply of polwarth and silk.
P.S. - Help! I'd love suggestions for what to knit with 
the almost 600 yds. of yarn pictured directly above!


  1. Sounds like a wonderful time : ). I've no suggestions at all for the yarn. I mostly spin embroidery thread, the rest I keep as skeins to pet lol.

    1. I'd love to see pics of your hand spun embroidery thread! Impressive, for sure. Yeah, fiber petting is encouraged around here, too!

  2. What a wonderful weekend! I always think that one year I will be able to join you. Who knows! Your yarn is scrumptious, and begs to be made for something for the fall.

    1. I was actually thinking about one of my friend Lara Smoot's patterns, a cowl called Frost In Bloom. Hmmm. Thanks, Super T.! About Wiawaka, I'm not sure it's much beyond glamping in your book, so we may only ever bring back tales from the wilds of Lake George. lol