Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Printmaking At Moon Dance Studio

 Hello Cheri Sheridan! 
Last week, she kicked off our first informal workshop at  
her Moon Dance Art Studio.

Cheri, Carol Boyer and I gathered for three days of printmaking.
Our primary intention was to delve into wood cuts; however,
after one day of cutting wood blocks we unanimously 
decided that, while we appreciate the inherent beauty 
of wood cuts and all that the carving process involves, 
it was really ok to move on and 
explore other methods of printmaking....
 During our first morning, Cheri transfers her wood cut design 
while Carol stops carving long enough to smile for the camera.
 By the end of our first day, Cheri pulled this from her wood cut.
Isn't it lovely?!
 Carol not only cut a beautiful wood block and printed it, 
but then turned around and steadily cut and fabricated 
several foam stamps. That was just our first day!
 By day two, Carol was a printmaking machine.
Every stamp she inked yielded fantastic prints!
 Carol pulling yet another gorgeous stamp. Genius.
You can see Cheri's wood cut in the background.
 Pinned up to dry, our growing body of work. 
Carol's wood cuts are in the center, Cheri's are top right.
I have the least represented because I was having 
such a great time cutting blocks and taking pictures!
 Once we gave ourselves permission to try other methods 
of printmaking, Cheri took out her Gelli plate and went to town!
 Just one of Cheri's amazing Gelli prints.
I kid with Carol and Cheri that I really just want to 
work like them, you know, free and loose. 
Whether or not that day ever comes, working alongside 
these two artistic marvels was a real inspiration!
 Over the course of our three days we enjoyed 
some super cool visitors who couldn't make the workshop, 
but wanted to stop in and check out the fun. 
Among them were Colleen North and Terri Fendya, 
and pictured above, on the right, Erika Kuryla. 
I put my tools down for one of Cheri's 
ginger cookies with chunks of candied ginger - 
oh. my. gosh.
Have I already put "Genius" after Carol Boyer's name? 
Then how about generous?
Carol gave each of us hand painted, hand cut graffiti stamps,
both the positive and the negative, of each of our names.
You can be jealous.
More of Cheri's Gelli plate experiments.
As she builds layers, she builds interest.
Here, Cheri incorporated a block carved by one of her students
which immediately inspired Ooooh's and Aahhhhh's.
A great time was had by all, and
we've even planned our next workshop: Felting.
Stay tuned for that!
In the mean time, I'd love to hear about 
your favorite workshop. Leave me a comment!


  1. How wonderful! And so much creativity under one roof! Can't wait for the next installment!

  2. You wont have to wait very long... felting jellyrolls was the follow up gathering. These women are powerhouses of creativity, you're right! I'm so grateful to work alongside them.