Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Papier Mache.

 New to me, and fun, fun, fun!
In just one afternoon with my dear friend Cheri, 
I gained a 3-D perspective on my self and my art.
Thank you Cheri!

Treasures & gems tucked high & low, 
in front and behind, all around the room. 
In the center, the real gem, my dear friend Cheri.
Expert teacher. Guiding hand.
Sharing a tasty meal made with love.
Wet paper & gloppy wheat paste.
Listening to stories, hanging on every word.
Touching silk more than 100 years old.
Reading horoscopes. 
Green tea with cinnamon.
Working to the sounds of the river 
with its banks almost overflowing.
The winds pick up.
Tearing wet paper strips. 
Generous gifts.
Layering wet paper strips. 
Darkening skies. 
The tapping of rain.
  Jumbo peanut butter chocolate chip cookies.
I am full.


  1. One long, lovely haiku! And how wonderful to have Cheri as your guide!

  2. Wow, even though it is just paper and paste, there is something so wonderful about this piece. Clarice