Sunday, April 17, 2011

Open Studio Sunday


Plain and simple, I need a day to play. 
As Julia Cameron says in "The Artist's Way": 

"Since my artist is a child, the natural child within,
I must make some concessions to its sense of timing.
Some concessions doesn't mean total irresponsibility.
What it means is letting the artist have quality time,
knowing that if I let it do what it wants to it will 
cooperate with me in doing what I need to do.

So, here's a look inside the Studio to see what 
I've allowed myself to play around with so that I can 
get back to doing what I need to do. 

Pretty & reversible headbands.
I really enjoy The Long Thread, and these were fun to make.

Two pairs of flannel PJ's. 
Cheery colors & pretty patterns to chase away the damp chill.

I cut these skirt panels so long ago, and today is the day 
I let myself bring them out and start embroidering.

I've admired Natalie Chanin, of,
for a few years and have enjoyed getting to know 
some of her techniques. If you savor hand work, 
either or both of Natalie Chanin's books are worth 
adding to your personal library. 

Heading in to evening, it's time to set up the wheel
and ply some gorgeous indie dyed roving 
by the one and only, Into The Whirled.  


I'm glad I gave myself permission to play,  
and to momentarily stray from the schedule.
Play. It does an artist good.

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