Sunday, December 23, 2012

Simply Stunning

 Recently asked to make my favorite dessert for 
a dinner party at my dear friend Ellen's home, 
I gave it some serious thought 
and decided on a recipe that is a winner every time: 
If your holiday table is still in need of a stunning dessert, 
and if you like pears, gingerbread, custard 
and fresh whipped cream - this is the dessert for you! 
Don't be intimidated by the layers 
because you can make the gingerbread and the custard 
a day in advance, then cook the pears and whip the cream 
in a matter of minutes before serving.

(I leave out the brandy but I can see how it would 
add another layer of flavor!)

From Thanksgiving to New Year's, 
and any occasion in between,
this dessert is stunning. 
Just like you.

Be Joyful. Feel Peace. Give love. 
Merry Christmas!


  1. It tasted as wonderful as it looks! It was also a wonderful time together.

    Merry Christmas T,

  2. Thanks Tracy! I will sorely miss our monthly dinners while half of us are on winter break. ;) Merry Christmas to you too!