Sunday, December 30, 2012

Made With Love

During these last few days and hours of 2012, 
I'm reflecting on goals I've met as well as  
those not yet met. Here are a few of my favorites 
that I just kept plugging away at over the year and 
now actually have a little something to show.
 Creating a handmade wardrobe was a big goal, 
but as it turns out, making only a few basic pieces 
was realistic for me this year. That's OK. 
I love what I've made, and I've made them with love. 
 These photos are of the NewLook 0152 
cardigan I made over the summer. 
A few basic skirts, tanks and T's are also hanging in my closet.
I've purchased and used only 100% organic cotton jersey 
knit from Alabama Chanin
Each piece has been an investment in time 
and experience. Learning to fit to my 
ever-changing form, learning about structure & patience. 
As I continue to Pin to my Folk Board, 
Handmade Clothing board, Lovely Lacey Board, etc., 
endless inspiration is coming together to 
 further shape a sense of style for myself.
(Now, that's a goal that goes way, way back!)
In true Alabama Chanin Style, 
I've hand sewn each piece.
No machine at all. 
Organic, hand sewn, custom fit, one piece at a time.
True Love.
Stay tuned for more pieces in 2013.
 Another goal was to make more 
quilts & blankets for Project Linus
With one girl's Feather & Fan knitted blanket finished,
the afterburners are on as I speed toward 
completing this boy's scrappy quilt, Storm Clouds. 
Here is the original post about this quilt 
and how it got its name.
From cutting and piecing, to steaming seams,
the entire process has been wonderful. 
Definitely made with Love. 

Tonight I'm curling up with peppermint tea, 
a fresh pad of paper and a pen, anxious to 
make a list of goals & hopefuls for the coming year.
How about you? Care to share? I'd love to hear.   

Wishing everyone around the world a peaceful, 
spectacular New Year! 


  1. Hand-stitched! While it comes as no surprise - amazing! Happy New Year!!!

    1. All hand stitched, it's aptly named the slow-clothing movement. Of course it's up my alley - nothing can be fast in my little world! Happy New Year to you too Tracy! xo