Sunday, December 2, 2012

Bryce 'n Me

 Yesterday, my nephew Bryce and I enjoyed 
a long-overdue dinner date making
Lobster Mac'n Cheese!
 Bryce is 14 and loves to cook, so I put him to work
while I snapped a few pictures. 
He shelled his first lobster (above) 
and was an all-around excellent Sous-Chef.
 We used my Mom's traditional mac 'n cheese recipe 
and turned up the volume with lobster and Gruyere cheese.
 That green stuff on the plate makes up for the 
mac 'n 'cheese, and the Nutella Fudge Brownies 
we made for dessert!
 I was too busy enjoying the brownies to take pics, 
but click here for a previous post sharing 
Abby Dodge's scrumptious recipe.
He's going to make an excellent chef some day.
Or veterinarian. 
Or what ever he decides to do. :) 

Big Apple Mug Mats available in the shop now!
 I'm so excited to be adding one-of-a-kind goodies 
to the shop again. New items added weekly.
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  1. So nice to see Bryce again - and to think - making one of my all time favorite dishes! Well Done Bryce!

    Love the mug mats T.!

  2. Thanks for the kind words about the mug mats. Project Bags coming soon to Etsy. I'll keep you posted on future dinner dates with Bryce!