Sunday, May 12, 2013

A Shovel and a Fry Pan

 Before I get to the shovel and fry pan, here's my friend 
Hannah who has been coming over to the studio
to work on her pillow.
This is her first go with a sewing machine, 
and equally impressive, she didn't follow a pattern. 
What a pro!
 Since she was young, Hannah has shown a natural ability 
with color, texture and pattern. For her pillow, 
she selected scraps and efficiently arranged them in 
a beautiful pattern before sewing them together 
at the machine. Once her center panel was constructed, 
she quickly decided on the main fabric. 
Doesn't it go perfectly with her patchwork? 
She made it all look so easy!
 What a good sport for sharing the lime light....
This pillow was destined for her bed, 
and I'll bet it looks amazing!
Great job Hannah!
What will our next project be?
 Now for that shovel and fry pan.
Harvesting Fiddlehead ferns, ramps and 
stumbling upon other surprises made for a rewarding
Saturday afternoon in the woods next to our house.
 If you're heading in to the woods to forage ramps 
for the first time, please do some online research 
to make sure you know what you're harvesting. 
Ramps have a few look-a-likes that 
you wouldn't want to serve up....
I found this site very helpful. 
A (small) spade is essential because the bulbs have 
a tight grip in the soil. With a bit of gentle wriggling though, 
the bulb is easily freed.
After a rinse with the garden hose and shedding the husks, 
here's a look at the bounty!
My foraged Mother's Day breakfast:
Ramps & scrambled eggs with a side of 
Fiddlehead ferns in butter. A delicious treat! 

Happy Mother's Day to my Mom, 
and Mothers every where!

Wait, wait! Which pie did you choose?!
Here's the winning selection for May, the first pie 
in my personal Pie Challenge:

Salted Honey Pie!

Thanks to everyone who participated!
With so many votes for Strawberry Rhubarb
June's pie is already decided, yay! 
Tune in again for the results of the intriguing 
Salted Honey Pie.  ;)


  1. Wonderful job Hannah - I love your colors and I know that this pillow will look wonderful on your bed. You have a terrific mentor!

    I look forward to the ramps - I have a funny story for you to go along with them!

    Yay for Salted Honey Pie - you know where I live!

  2. Hmmm.....Can't wait to hear your story about the ramps!
    Yes, I had a feeling that some of this pie would make its way to your doorstep. :)
    For the number of pies I want to make, I'd better have people to share them with or I'll need a new wardrobe!
    Thanks for your kind words about Hannah and her pillow. She truly did an outstanding job.

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  4. What a beautiful pillow that Hannah made! It looks like Stanley likes it too.

    I haven't tried ramps but hear they are good. There is a big festival for them in WV every year.