Sunday, May 19, 2013


Wow, Salted Honey Pie is one sweet pie!
And it's the first pie under my belt 
(quite literally for this one I'm afraid)
in my quest to discover if I'm a pie baker.  

It's buttery. Sweet. Custardy. 
Oh, and then there's that satisfying salty crunch. 
A scoop of vanilla ice cream or fresh whipped cream 
would only be added punishment. Hmmm.
If you or someone you love is a die-hard sweets fanatic, 
put this pie on the bucket list! 
(For the recipe, click "Salted Honey Pie" above.)
 And if you or some one you love is need of 
a quilting adventure, I'm excited to announce
 my free Storm Clouds-inspired quilt recipe
is now available for download. 
(Over there on the right, hooray!)

The recipe concept came from my experience of making 
a scrappy quilt for a boy, to donate to Project Linus
I had plenty of scraps, but no pattern.
As I was moving scraps around on the design wall, 
a storm rolled through our town and it gave me the 
inspiration that turned my scraps into "Storm Clouds".  

The recipe is really just that, a general list of ingredients  
and inspiration for creating your own phenomenal 
scrap quilt with a definite mood or theme. 
Let your imagination take you on a quilting adventure! 
I hope you'll share your questions and triumphs
with me here on the blog!
I'm smitten with Edie Brickell and Steve Martin's new CD,
Love Has Come For You.
This is their performance of the song 
"When You Get To Asheville", 
which by the way, goes perfectly with Salted Honey Pie.
Salted Honey Pie in all its sweet, salty glory

June's pie will be Strawberry Rhubarb.
I hope it's good. ;)


  1. Your pie looks delish! What a great combination. Loved the video - Steve Martin is such a multi-talented man. I'll be sure to download your quilt pattern - thanks!

  2. Oh my you had me at salted. Gosh this looks good and just think how different honeys would change it. My favorite pie is buttermilk. It is hard to get it creamy. I have a friend who makes a deep dish, silky, buttermilk pie I would kill for ;-) Clarice