Sunday, May 5, 2013

Which Will You Choose?

Lately, I've noticed a strange need to make pies.
I love the idea of pies. 
Flakey crusts and tasty fillings.
Baked pies. Refrigerator pies. Ice cream freezer pies. 
 Oh, but I'm a cookie and cake-baking girl, 
not a pie-making girl. Or am I?

Help me decide as I begin a summer-long endeavor 
making an assortment of pies, just for fun! 
I'll share them all here, even the failures....
so head over to my Pinterest board Pies, Pies, Pies
and leave a comment back here on the blog 
with your choice for my first pie. Thanks!
Early yesterday morning, as I was driving to pick up 
seeds for the garden, I drove by my dear friend Lori's home 
and lo and behold she was having a garage sale.
My lucky day! 
No sooner did I get out of my car than she was 
stepping off her porch, coffee in hand, 
walking right up to me with a huge hug! 
Then she proceeded to plunk a basket full of 
vintage lace trims (above) into my hands! Seriously?! 
It was as if she knew I'd stop by.
She brought out other vintage treasures, 
like an impeccable wool and velvet Victorian coat
with amazing woven buttons. 
I will forever marvel at how things were once made. 
Any way, I managed to find a few more treasures 
to bring home: a piece of plain linen so that I might 
fill it with my own embroidery, and this large 
vintage lace-trimmed bed sheet:
The reason I like it so much is that it has 
hand sewn patches.
Who today patches their bed sheets?
I just love that. And I love it so much that I intend to use 
it as the backing for a (near) future quilt. 
 Thanks so much, Lori!

On Pinterest, I saw a homemade detergent  
for cleaning vintage linens. I'm willing to give it a try, 
but if you happen to have a trick up your sleeve
I'd sincerely appreciate hearing about it
 To have a live look at the newly hatched, adorable, 
fuzzy chicks on Cornell Lab of Ornithology's (Ithaca NY) live cam, 
click here: Red Tail Hawk Cam.

Click the video above to watch 
the parents' antics from a few days ago. 

Remember, I'm counting on your help to choose the first pie! 
I hope it has fruit. No wait, ice cream. A meringue topping?
I must conquer my fear of the dreaded crust.... 

Tune in next week for the big reveal!


  1. I vote for Salted Honey Pie! I sure wish that I had been riding shotgun when you pulled into Lori's drive! I love how treasures manage to find their way into your hands - right where they belong!

  2. Thanks T.! I've been eyeing that recipe myself! Soon, we'll have to hit the road and do a little junking!

  3. Pear tart! Perfect Combo of cookie crust and pie filling <3
    - Michelle Brooks

  4. It is spring...Strawberry Rhubarb.
    - Sue Dellow

  5. The Strawberry Hand Pie's look fantastic!

    1. Thanks for your vote, Lara - I completely agree!

  6. Hubby Jeff chose the Chocolate Lovers Chocolate Mousse Pie. A chocolate lover, perhaps?

  7. Oh Strawberry Rhubarb! The flavor I always stop in my tracks for.

  8. Thanks for your vote! Each spring I try to grow rhubarb but it never seems to thrive...this year, that will have to change so I can make strawberry rhubarb pie!