Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Fairy Tales Divine

From "The Giant Who Had No Heart In His Body", Illustration by Kay Nielsen
If you've ever received a gift 
that literally stopped you in your tracks, 
rendered you speechless, caused you to tear up, 
and most important, had you treasuring that gift for ever more,
then you already know how I felt upon receiving this 
Christmas gift two years ago from my very dear friend, Tracy

This reprinting of fifteen Scandinavian fairy tales was originally 
published in 1914, illustrated by the Danish artist Kay Nielsen. 
As you can see, even by my amateur photo above, Kay Nielsen's 
Art Deco-inspired illustrations are something to behold. 

Curling up with these fairy tales, ginger tea and a soft 
hand knit blanket transports me to a wonderful other world.
I'm pretty sure Tracy would be pleased to hear that.
 I'm currently reading these fairy tales and a few others
 as more than a lovely way to pass chilly winter evenings - 
it's all leading up to the highly anticipated online class, 
the founder of Squam Art Workshops.
The course is sold out, so I feel fortunate to 
be taking part in the whole experience. These next six weeks
hold the promise of discovery, creativity and growth,
and I'm ready! 

What treasured gift(s) have you received?
 I'd love to hear.


  1. I am more than pleased that you are passing your winter evenings with my gift. I knew it was just the right fit for you! The treasured gift that I have received? Your friendship, to be sure.

  2. I think yours is the best Comment ever. xo