Wednesday, March 26, 2014


trans-port 1. v.t. to carry (goods, people or animals) 
from one place to cause (a person) 
to be carried away with strong emotion. 

Only a few days in to the "enchanted journey" course, 
and I'm already stunned by my own realizations and connections -
yes, I'm gleefully transported, to say the least!
 Since starting the course, I've happily taken to
stitching and reading my way through each evening, 
a comforting space that seems to encourage 
valuable connections and insights.
In the spirit of evoking sprites, 
spring time-colored flosses slip through my fingers as I work
 Rebecca Ringquist's Blanket Stitch sampler.   
Then when enough new stitches are made, turning  
the pages of another Grimm brothers' fairy tale 
is nothing short of entertaining, 
and enlightening....

With great anticipation and excitement,
I'm looking forward to each class, each assignment 
and each discovery. This course has already become
meaningful platform for personal growth, 
and I'm anxious to see how the coming weeks unfold!

In the event that Elizabeth offers this course again, 
which I hope she will,
I'm refraining from sharing details of our class work, 
discussions and readings so as to prevent spoiling what would be
your own experience, should you take the course. 
For a better idea of "the Magic of Myth, an enchanted journey 
with Elizabeth Duvivier", click here
You'll be so glad you did. ;)

Now, to bring it all together, 
the enchanting Priscilla Ahn:
Priscilla Ahn, Dream

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  1. I have kept waiting to comment until I could sit down with my laptop rather than my ipad, so that I could view the videos - but that doesn't seem to be happening any time soon! So - I am so pleased that your class is bringing you such satisfaction! I'm so eager to hear more about it!