Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Spring In an Envelope

With winter still hanging on, this burst of spring
made my walk to the mailbox well worth the effort!
 This is the first of 3 Dropcloth monthly samplers, 
made by the lovely Rebecca Ringquist
which I recently won over at the inspirational

Rebecca's packages always deliver cheer!
This time, she tucked in two of the sweetest hearts 
cut from other samplers she's made. 
Her thoughtfulness and attention to detail instantly transform 
an ordinary package into something truly special.

Amidst all that cheer, the star of the show is the sampler!
I can hardly wait to pre-thread my needles with happy colors 
(clearly inspired by the wrapping paper) 
and explore one of my favorite stitches, the blanket stitch.

If you'd like to try your hand at embroidery, 
Rebecca's samplers are the perfect way to begin. 
For starters, her drawings are irresistibly fun and sweet.
Rebecca's knowledge of embroidery is enviable.
Each month's sampler focuses on a specific embroidery stitch 
so you can master it just in time for the next month's sampler to arrive. 

My friend Marjorie had a fantastic idea: 
she purchased one of Rebecca's subscriptions for her 
Home Economics classroom to help teens learn embroidery basics. 
I want to be in Marjorie's class!

Rebecca has a Flickr pool so you can check out how other stitchers have 
handled her Dropcloth samplers
Get your needles ready!

To keep the spring time energy flowing, 
enjoy this beautiful and uplifting escape!

Órla Fallon performing Mo Ghile Mear from her latest DVD "My Land"


  1. Eager to see your finished products! I am so impressed by your patience to do such fine hand work - a patience I don't have!

    Great music!

  2. Another great aspect of Rebecca's samplers: she provides just enough to learn the stitch without getting bored or overwhelmed. You bet I'll share my progress!